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Recruitment Administration System (RAS)

The Recruitment Administration System (RAS) enables department/institution users to request and obtain permission to create/fill jobs vacancies and to advertise them in chosen media.

RAS users can access the system here. The RAS user guide is found on the right hand side of this page. Training is available on RAS please see the course timetable.

If you have any questions about RAS, please contact the CHRIS Helpdesk on or (7)60999.

If you are placing an advert for a College or an Affiliated Institution do not try to use the RAS application. Please contact the CHRIS Helpdesk on or (7)60999 for further assistance.


Summary of RAS functions

  • Electronic permission to fill process - A RAS user in the department/institution enters details of a new job into RAS, or selects a job that already exists. They enter a case for permission to fill as required and then press a button to request permission. The electronic request for permission to fill will always be sent to a departmental approver via email. He/she will reject, approve or refer back the request within new RAS. If the departmental approver approves the request, then what happens next depends on the permissions policy for the vacancy's job type and funding source (permissions policies are built into new RAS). Further electronic permission to fill requests will be sent to school-level and RMC approvers as required. RAS should be used for all vacancies even if you do not wish to advertise the position e.g. named research fellows on a grant.
  • Posts/positions created automatically in CHRIS - once the highest level of approval which is required for a vacancy has been granted, details of the job will be set up automatically in CHRIS. This includes the title, grade, salary range, required screening checks, probation period, main place of work, reporting manager and costing information.
  • Advertising – once permission to fill has been granted for a vacancy, institutions can develop adverts within RAS and send them electronically to chosen media. It enables institutions to publish a HR7 Further Information document as part of the advert placed on the University’s Job Opportunities pages so that prospective applicants may download additional details. Wording relating to the required screening checks is inserted automatically into draft adverts to assist departments/institutions. Within RAS, users can select whether they wish to invite online applications (within the University’s Web Recruitment System) for their vacancy. Web Recruitment can then be used to view applications, record the progress of the selection process, generate correspondence (including rejection emails and reference requests) and transfer a successful applicant(s) into CHRIS, avoiding the need to create a manual applicant record. Please see the Web Recruitment pages for further information.