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Within HR Systems, we use an Agile development methodology to provide benefits to users as early as possible.

The main principles of Agile development are:

  • focus on the business need
  • deliver on time
  • collaborate
  • never compromise quality
  • build incrementally on firm foundations
  • develop iteratively
  • communicate continuously and clearly
  • demonstrate control

In practice, this is achieved by decomposing business requirements into small, manageable parts, by building the software incrementally, and releasing it frequently. Feedback is gathered throughout the process by collaborating closely with real users and subject experts. In this way the evolution of the software and surrounding business processes is continuously improved and validated.

We deliver working, tested software and systems in fixed releases on set dates. The development focus for each project iteration is determined in advance, typically with a 3-6 month planning horizon. The precise shape of what is delivered varies in response to the changing ecosystem, as identified by our HR senior users and during demos to end-users throughout the development process.

In other words, quality, timing and cost are fixed, but the delivered features can adapt continuously to meet emergent business needs. In this way we can be sure we are always delivering useful, beneficial, and valuable services.

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