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HR Systems


HR Systems can review and improve the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of your business processes. This may involve new systems development, systems enhancements or simple process changes. Amongst the services we offer we:

1. Develop or improve systems or local processes within departments, institutions and central teams to:

  • Simplify day-to-day HR tasks;
  • Make HR related administration quicker; and
  • Reduce the administrative burden of compliance.

Our primary development methodology is Agile.

2. Maintain and develop the HR Reporting Service.

3. Provide Project Management expertise including:

  • Preparation of business cases.
  • Development of user requirements.
  • Cost benefits analysis.

4. Undertake process analysis to propose benefits and efficiencies and measure improvements to new and existing processes

5. Deliver training for all the HR Systems i.e. CHRIS, RAS, Web Recruitment etc.

  1. Test new and existing software development (this is a joint service provided alongside our User Community).

7. Provide Service Desk support to University employees and external applicants to the University.

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