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Introduction to CHRIS

We offer half day ‘Introduction to CHRIS’ events where we will ask you to work through some on-line demonstrations that cover the basics (approx 90 mins) before attending the course.

Information for booking onto to CHRIS Training

Requests for training and access to CHRIS will be authorised by key contacts in each institution and only authorised users will be able to access CHRIS or receive training.

All course participants must have a UIS password, and know what it is, in order to attend CHRIS training. Your UIS password is the same as your raven password. This password can be obtained from UIS who are also provide instructions on what to do if you forget it.

On-line Demonstrations

If you wish to have a look at the new system and get a feel for how you will be able to navigate around it, there are currently a number of on-line demonstrations available from the site that you can access.