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Q. How can I obtain access to CHRIS?

If you wish to have access to CHRIS you should ask your CHRIS Key Contact to e-mail the CHRIS Helpdesk on your behalf. Once authorised, access can usually be arranged in 5 working days but you will require training before your user account is activated. You will need a Raven password to make use of your CHRIS account. Click here to find out how to get a Raven password.

Q. I had a Raven password but I have forgotten it.

You should re-apply for your Raven password by filling in the Computing Service web form. All University users should be registered on Hermes so this is the default category showing. (The page also allows new users without a password to link to the registration form.)

Q. Why is training essential prior to CHRIS usage?

The policy of training users in readiness for system usage is intended to ensure that users get the best out of those systems. This policy is already in force for new CUFs and CAMSIS users and so it is well established.

Q. How do I obtain training?

You can make an online booking or make a booking by telephone. Full information on CHRIS training is to be found on the CHRIS Training pages.

Q. Why can some users view more information than others?

Access to CHRIS is managed by a system of user profiles. Some user profiles are very powerful, e.g. for a Human Resources user there would be considerable access to data and functions. For a departmental users access is read-only for the time being. Some read-only users can see more than others because they have a different user profile. The user profile is selected and authorised by the Key Contact based on the job content of the access requestor.

There are two types of Departmental user profile:

Allows users to see the grade of post or position, but not the point on scale or salary.
Allows users to see both grade, point on scale and/or salary.

Which profile is authorised will depend entirely on whether the prospective user is responsible for pay matters in the Department.